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Cappadocia from Antalya

2 Days Tour to Cappadocia from Antalya with Hot Air Balloon Option

  • 48 hours
  • From €200 Euro

Tour Description

Embark on an unforgettable two-day excursion from Antalya to the mesmerizing landscapes of Cappadocia, immersing yourself in history, culture, and natural wonders. Day 1: Setting out from Antalya, the journey leads through the majestic Taurus Mountains, offering panoramic views of rugged peaks and lush valleys. As you ascend into Anatolia's heartland, the landscape evolves, revealing vast expanses of rolling hills and fertile plains. Mid-morning brings a stop in Konya, home to the revered Mevlana Museum. Explore the tranquil grounds and ornate mausoleum dedicated to Rumi, the famed Persian poet and Sufi mystic, delving into the spiritual legacy he left behind. Continuing the journey, Sultanhanı beckons with its ancient caravanserai, a testament to the region's rich history as a vital stop along the Silk Road. Marvel at the architectural splendor of this medieval marvel, steeped in tales of trade and cultural exchange. By early afternoon, arrive at Saratlı Underground City, a hidden gem beneath the Anatolian plateau. Descend into the labyrinthine tunnels and chambers of this ancient subterranean complex, where echoes of past civilizations whisper tales of ingenuity and survival. As the sun begins to set, reach the surreal landscapes of Cappadocia, where fairy chimneys and sculpted valleys await. Check into your accommodation, nestled amidst the rocky contours of this ethereal terrain, and unwind after a day of exploration. Day 2: Awaken to the serene beauty of Cappadocia as the sun rises over the horizon, casting a golden glow upon the rugged landscape. After breakfast, set out to explore the region's most iconic sights. Begin with a visit to Göreme Open-Air Museum, a UNESCO World Heritage Site renowned for its ancient cave churches adorned with vibrant frescoes. Wander among the rock-hewn dwellings and chapels, marveling at the intricate craftsmanship that has endured for centuries. Throughout the morning, pause for photo breaks in several famous valleys of Cappadocia, each offering its own unique vista of fairy chimneys, rock formations, and panoramic landscapes. From the surreal contours of Love Valley to the ancient troglodyte village of Çavuşin, each stop presents a new perspective on Cappadocia's enchanting beauty. As noon nears, depart from Cappadocia and retrace your route through the Taurus Mountains back to Antalya. Carry the memories of your two-day adventure with you as you return to the coastal allure of Antalya.

Contact Details

  • Yeşilbahçe, Çınarlı Caddesi no 42/2, Muratpaşa/Antalya, Türkiye


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